Facebook PR - Getting Your Content Seen

The power of social media platforms in general and Facebook in particular is obvious and undisputed. As a consumer lifestyle PR agency in Toronto, we make sure to put it to good use ourselves. With hundreds of millions of daily users, what started as a way to stay in touch with friends has grown into a full blown universe. You can read news, play games, chat, watch videos, get updates from favorite bands and connect with bloggers and influencers without leaving the white and blue interface.

Facebook PR Game Rules

Facebook has become an enormously efficient PR platform for brands and companies. It is evolving constantly, and the way you would use it now is significantly different from how you’d use it when brand pages first became available. Back then, if you got ‘liked by someone, they’d get your updates automatically. Not anymore.

With more brands vying for users’ attention, the algorithm had to be altered to ensure people got to see what was really relevant to them. This takes into account posts they ‘liked, commented on, and engaged with. When they post a comment on your brand’s wall, that’s when they are on the list of getting frequent updates. The name of the game, therefore, is content. What you post and the reception it gets will define the exposure your page is going to garner.

Here are our insights into what works with today’s Facebook rules and should work for you as well:

  1. Media Rich Content. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. Use photos and videos that are relevant to your brand to attract attention. Facebook will more likely show your HD video organically than a more modest post.
  2. Invest in Engagement. Create dialogue by encouraging questions and opinions. The more buzz you have in a post, the more people are going to see it. Answer questions quickly to keep the dialogue going.
  3. Invest in Paid Ads. Do this for key messages only, but still do it. It will ensure your most important ads are seen. Moreover, Facebook gives you an ability to target audiences with precision, reaching very specific groups. Done right, this method yields great ROI.
  4. Experiment Constantly. Testing every idea you have is the best way to see what works. Times of day, types of content, different outreach groups - all these things you find out by casting the bait all over the place to see what works.
  5. Avoid Negativity. Answer troublemakers politely or not at all, but try to quell the negativity at the very onset. It has a way of spreading and you should never let it.

As a boutique Toronto PR firm, PUNCH Canada is here to help you grow and reach your fans and customers. Please contact Managing Partner Jeff Lake at jeff@punchcanada.com.