The Millennial Marketing Enigma from a PR Perspective


The marketing potential of the growing millennial generation is obvious for brands, but for some reason it remains largely untapped. The main problem as seen from the perspective of some communications agencies in Toronto and around the world is that the Millennials are hard to predict, tend to have low brand quality and harbor a strong distrust towards advertising.

The Millennials don’t rush to buy things like the Boomers did. They don’t buy nearly as much and when they do, it’s not the same things, and not for the same reasons. Compared to the Boomers, who were any marketer’s favourite generation, the Millennials are a black box with vague controls and undefined functionality.

When we get down to it, there is a solution in there somewhere and if a brand is to have any success in the next several decades, it has to be found. They are already here and they are the consumers of tomorrow.

Solving the Millennial PR Enigma

The question is, if we look at the problem from the PR perspective, how do brands connect with Millennials? They are not like previous generations and so communicating with them should not be done in the same manner.

Millennials are primarily social. They were the tidal wave that brought in social media movements. They are constantly connected to social circles via their mobile devices. They prefer the density and diversity of the urban neighborhood to the suburban environments favoured by their parents. They have a tendency to buy local goods and they value ingenuity and authenticity.

As a consumer lifestyle PR agency in Toronto, PUNCH Canada has cracked the code. We share the three principles of connecting with this mystery of a generation:

  1. Communicate with Millennials, not to them. The age of one-way marketing is over. Dialogue is the key to everything. Engage them by listening first and talking later.
  2. Create local content with local impact. Once you benefit their community, you are in. Once your brand is close to home, it will immediately be treated differently than its distant counterparts.
  3. Produce Immediate value. Share things that are helpful and appreciated. The value of the shared material can be social or material, but it should be there.

Following those principles should give you access to this emerging market. Use this wisdom well. And if you’d like to work with a leading Toronto communications agency, shoot us an email and we’ll work out a detailed strategy for your PR campaign.

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