How Tweet it is - PR Tips for Twitter

If you had read our article Facebook PR - Getting Your Content Seen, then you already have a good idea on how social media PR strategies work. Now let’s talk about Twitter. It’s also an enormous platform of users that can be engaged and motivated to take part in your brand’s life and story.

As one of the leading consumer lifestyle PR agencies in Toronto, PUNCH Canada has worked on Twitter PR strategies for many of our clients and have developed a list of must-know points that any professional should follow.

Develop a Defined Voice

Whether you are a blogger, simple user or a brand, one of the things that your audience connects to is your voice. The voice is not only in the messages you publish, but is part of your bio, the avatar and other visuals. Being recognizable is one of the most significant things in the social media steam. Tweet positive messages and avoid typos. They are a major turn-off. A voice comes out through self-expression, so make sure to produce original messages that originate from your identity.

Build Your Community

There are millions of people out there, so make sure you engage your chosen community and avoid getting distracted with everybody else. Don’t follow bots and people of little interest. Check their tweets to see the content, levels of integrity and creativity. You are largely defined by who your friends are, so choose your friends wisely.

Seek Engagement

Connecting with key influencers is one of the surest ways to build your own influence. Search by hashtags, trends, and take part in Twitter chats. Write comments, ask questions and make yourself part of the dialogue. Retweet with original style via attribution to show respect to the influencer.

Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists allow you to organize groups of experts and access their content when needed without having to follow all of them. You can access other people’s lists as well, to gain access to more focused, relevant information. Aim to land on one of those powerful Tweet lists by being around people from one.

Use Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter is an amazingly efficient recruitment tool. You can use it to get an idea of who the user and recruiting publicly is also a publicity tool. Whether you are developing a brand or running a PR agency, this is a very good strategy.

Promote Client or Partner News

When you share good news from or about a partner or client on Twitter, it gets amplified and generates powerful outreach. As a Toronto consumer lifestyle PR agency, we have seen this work for our clients many times. And if you follow the rule that your message has to also give something to the user, it might even go viral which is absolutely invaluable.

Have fun! And if you want to work with an experienced Toronto PR agency, give us a shout. We are here for you! Please contact Account Manager Erin McKay at