How to get the most from your Toronto PR agency

The five Ps the marketing world stands on are: product, price, place, promotion and partnerships. PUNCH Canada’s approach incorporates all five, emphasizing partnership as the most important component.


A strong client-agency relationship is the base for collaboration and success. It defines the levels of trust, which influence the efficiency of teamwork and communication making it the prerequisite of the other four.

The client-agency relationship has to be built and cultivated. As an agency, we do all we can to encourage a strong, vibrant dialogue and energetic collaboration levels. We delight in working with clients that listen, learn, grow and engage with us. This is the best way to deliver spectacular results for them.

If you are a client and wish to know how to help your Toronto PR agency deliver top results, this list of tips will help:

Set Goals and Expectations. Make sure you know exactly how you will benefit from the relationship. Define the way those benefits are measured and delivered. This will protect you from misunderstanding and disappointment in the future.

Listen a Lot. If you have never worked in PR yourself, or have little experience working with a PR agency in Toronto, then you have a lot to learn. Your PR company is the expert in this business and understanding them will simply help you help them. There is no better way to improve efficiency and drive better results.

Educate the PR Agency. While the PR people are experts in their field, they don’t necessarily know all there is to know about your own company and field. Take the time to relay as much information as possible to them so they do a better job for you.

Communicate Frequently. Keeping in touch on a regular basis strengthens the relationship and allows you to clarify things or make adjustments on the go. Be available for your agency when they need to ask you about something, and call them whenever you have a question yourself. Even better, schedule weekly calls to keep your hand on the pulse and see how the objectives are being met.

Celebrate Achievements. Celebrating every small success with a grand banquet may not be necessary but recognizing strong work is a good way to keep everyone motivated. Small shows of appreciation go a long way to further the relationship between an agency and client. And when a successful campaign is concluded, a real celebration may be in order.

If you find this advice useful and are on the lookout for a professional PR agency in Toronto, feel free to contact PUNCH Canada. We will tell your brand’s story like nobody else can!

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