How Social Media is Changing PR

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Social media has revolutionized the very way people share information around the world. With over 200 million accounts on Twitter and 110 million tweets per day, the way companies and brands communicate with their audiences has to change as well, if they are to keep pace with this changing world.

PR specialists in Toronto realize a PR strategy which simply “copy-pastes” itself from the “conventional” media to the web is doomed to fail miserably. A new age PR strategy should be made for the wand social media, where audiences are found from now on.

New Audiences Need to be Engaged in Dialogue

Unlike the older, non-interactive media channels, social media doesn’t tolerate information to be delivered in a one-way manner. Two-way communications is the new way to reach your audience. This is invaluable because you get real-time feedback from consumers and followers. Never before could a brand hear the voices of its followers with such clarity and adapt to their needs. If a TV/newspaper PR campaign was not going well, you will have only known about it a long time after it was over. Today you have real-time, verifiable data and live feedback, allowing you to make adjustments and refine your campaign on the go.

A brand that listens to the audience and uses this opportunity will gain a tremendous advantage.

New Ways of Conducting Research

The speed with which information is generated and shared has never been faster. A simple keyword search on Twitter will show ways to connect companies with consumers at the exact right time, offering them the solution they want. This proactive engagement is far more powerful than a one-way information blast via a corporate channel or a website link that people may or may not even see. It allows PR pros to approach your customers directly, when it will have the most impact.

The Advent of the Personal Approach

While most consumers can still be divided into categories and approached with widely spread targeting nets, the new approach is to have concerns addressed directly. It is not a small challenge even for PR veterans, especially when dealing with an online rant by a disgruntled customer on a Facebook page or worse, in a blog post somewhere, but it is becoming the new requirement. The key point here is to be able to identify real crises and respond accordingly.

We are seeing more and more PR companies in Toronto and elsewhere focusing on social media in their PR efforts, and for good reason. This type of new public relations may take more concentration, attention to detail and can be very unforgiving to mistakes, but we still love it. Why? Because when done right, social media PR is much more rewarding!

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