Why The News Release is Still Relevant

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The advent of SEO and other types of Google magic has led to the decline in the reputation and perceived value of the good old news release. It has even gone so far as to be declared dead by many pundits and online marketing professionals - killed in a battle of wills with the new hero of online marketing, the content.

While content marketing is undeniably a strong tool with outstanding capabilities, we have to report the news release is also very much alive and well. The power of a properly phrased, professional, journalistic news release is as strong as ever, if not even stronger.

The Internet didn’t make it “irrelevant” or “obsolete”. If anything, the immediacy of the brand-audience connection has made it an even more powerful PR tool. The possibility to quickly convey client information to writers, bloggers, stakeholders and employees in a professional, positive manner is invaluable.

The New and Improved News Release

The times changed indeed, and the news release has evolved with them. The news release of today’s PR professionals is full with rich media and valuable content that can be reused, spread and delivered to a multitude of users in the shortest time spans. This new and improved PR tool is full of images, videos, links and infographics and is written for SEO to begin with, battling for our clients on both fronts. Today’s marketing may be a hybrid game with new rules, but this pro player turns out to be exceptionally good at it.

The news release is a super convenient way to communicate your brand information to clients and shareholders by engaging journalists who create and share relevant, meaningful stories with their own audience. So how is the news release different from content? The main game changer was the move online from other media, but otherwise the news release is content marketing at its best.

PR pros had taken their tried and tested content creation techniques and put them on the internet, where they were made even more efficient by rigging them for search engines. It is like SEO on steroids, high quality content which is then picked up by a small army of owned, earned, paid and shared distribution channels. Content marketing alone could not possibly achieve what the News Release is capable of today.

Another Power of the News Release - Credibility

While it is true that the web is full of bloggers, tweeters and independent writers, the power of professional journalist sites is that they are credible. The most popular blogger won’t be taken as seriously and read by as many people as a columnist in at a major Toronto newspaper with print and online capabilities. Another thing to consider is that content on your own website will get you Google ranking, but it will not do much for your PR. News Release publications online will boost both your PR and your SEO.

The conclusion is obvious - the news release is alive and well, to the delight to all Toronto PR professionals and their happy clients. If you want to join those ranks, give us a shout!

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