It’s all about Tweetability

As a Toronto consumer PR agency, we have helped create many memorable social media campaigns.

In this new world of social media public relations, the rules have changed, which means best practices are not the same as they used to be in the conventional media world.

The social media PR scene is busy, interactive and fast. Grabbing and holding onto your audience’s attention will require precision and following the new social media PR rules.

We have put together 5 helpful social media tips:

  1. Create, Anticipate and Respond
    Unlike conventional media, social media is all about interaction. When a conversation is happening, you need to be ready to step in and represent your brand. It can be useful to time your own posts during and around hashtags trending at the moment. When your own posted materials are relevant to a hot topic of discussion you will enjoy the attention of everybody in this conversation.

  2. Create Tweetable Press Releases
    When composing your next PR blog, make sure it’s headline is retweetable. This will not only achieve the obvious benefit of having it retweeted by other users, but will also bring potential followers back to your page - the source of the tweet.
    Tweetability hinges on a short headline, having a Twitter handle featuring the brand or company name in the beginning (so it doesn't get cut off), and including relevant keywords to make it searchable. A good headline should be punchy enough to invite retweets almost regardless of the rest of the article’s continent.

  3. Rig Your Blog as a Social News Source
    Blogs are rapidly replacing old school news outlets as the source of information about brands and companies. They have become powerful tools for spreading multimedia content. Tumblr Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are being used by companies as an online newswire. This becomes increasingly valuable when many of the followers are themselves reporters who end up sharing, retweeting and writing about your post and brand.

  4. Lean on Social News Backgrounders
    It is often hard to pack all the background information into a single post, so using backgrounders makes perfect sense. It is also appreciated by reporters who often have little time to conduct thorough research into a given topic. Accompanying your pitch with a backgrounder link will save them a lot of time on said research and help them promote your story.
  5. Make Use of News Aggregators
    The search for daily content is much like the fight of Good and Evil - eternal in nature. But unlike the fight of Good and Evil, it does have its shortcuts.

You can now save the time it would take you to scour the social media and news feeds by using a blog aggregation tool and creating a dashboard of relevant content ready for immediate use in your own posts.

There is, of course, much more to social media PR then these tips, but they definitely cover the most important bases in your game.

For more information and advice from your Toronto social media experts, contact PUNCH Canada. We would be pleased to help.

Nicola ConteComment