How to run a Successful Consumer PR event

One of the best ways to raise consumer and media awareness of your new lifestyle brand, product or service, is to organize an event that appeals to the media you want to attend.

A well-executed PR event will attract journalists’ attention and create the media exposure that no amount of paid advertising can achieve.

Running a PR event can be tricky, and we all know that if it flops, the effect will be just as strong, only very negative. This means you need to get it right, following the rule of first impressions - you only get one.

As Toronto’s consumer PR specialists, we have compiled a list of tips you can use when preparing your event:

Set Your Goals in Advance. What you do depends on what you aim to achieve and what you’re promoting. Is it awareness of your brand or a new line of products? Or maybe it’s a new campaign or company appointment. Each of those will require you to emphasize different things, so plan based on your objectives.

Define Your Audience. Who do you intend to reach? Choose the publications that you would like to attract and the journalists in them that you will be contacting. Don’t forget to consider bloggers, YouTube channel personas and celebrities. This will give you additional valuable buzz online as well.

Decide on a Budget. All consumer PR agencies in Toronto know full well that those kinds of events cannot be done without careful budgeting. Everything has its cost, from printing invitations to hiring a photographer. Make sure you are capable of covering every expense.

Choose a Theme. To give the event a unique feel, make sure it’s in total stylistic sync, starting with the invitations, decorations, and up to the follow-up press material.

Plant the Wow Bomb. You can give your invitation an edge if it is served with something extra. It can be a promise of a surprise, some free giveaways during the event or unique artistic invitations. Be creative about it.

Time it Well. Certain times of year lend themselves to this type of event more than others, and some - less so. Avoid seasons when journalists are commonly engaged elsewhere, such as big award ceremonies, fashion weeks and the like.

Follow Up. This one is as crucial as a thank you letter after a job interview. Drive your message home by following up with your guests. Use this opportunity to credit your brand and reiterate the event’s message while you’re at it.

Good luck! And if you want some advice from Toronto’s consumer PR specialists, all you need is to contact us. We will make sure your brand shines and your event leaves a lasting impression.

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