Questions to Ask About Media Relations when Choosing a PR Agency

Picking a PR agency in Toronto, or any similar big city can be daunting.
There are so many to choose from. You need to make sure the relationship will pay off in so many ways. It needs to develop the right voice, strategy, vision, have the right passion, and many more things. It should work for you, for your audience, and find ways to advance your brand in a reliably quantifiable manner.

So how do your make sure your candidate PR Agency is right for you?
By asking questions - the right ones. And here are a few examples of things you will want your PR agency to tell you about themselves.

How do you measure results? Remember, you pay for results, not services. If a PR firm just goes through the motions but the goals are not reached, then it’s not worth the time, money or effort. Make sure those goals are set, and the way to measure reaching them is also defined.

How do you keep track of current trends? A PR agency should be always growing, learning and adapting. Using a traditional approach could have pulled the load some 10 years ago, but not anymore. The market is changing rapidly via social media and other innovations. Make sure you work with a company that knows how to ride the waves.

What do you require from us? This includes access to materials, regular meetings with key staff members and more. The answer to this question serves as an indicator of the level of involvement (which should be high) of this firm, and how serious they are about their clients.

What is the expected media coverage frequency? This one’s important and should always have a clear answer, never left to interpretation. A range will do, but it has to be set.

Do you integrate media relations with other forms of PR? It’s a bit of a trick question, actually, because of course they do, or should - and what you need to know is how they do it. Everything in our world is intertwined, and connecting marketing mediums is essential for a successful PR campaign.

What other things you can do for us? If your PR agency is also good at blogging, social media or anything else, why not get them to work on all of it together, and have these sides of your marketing enrich one another! A very good way of enhancing different sides of one brand, by connecting them.

Are there additional fees for services? Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and what’s included in your package. The answer to this question may also give you information about actual bonus services and features you might decide to make use of later on. Always good to have a card in your sleeve in this game we’re playing.

If you follow this checklist, you should be able to choose your Toronto PR agency without breaking a sweat or making costly mistakes.

Annie HennesseyComment