Finding the Best PR Firm for Your Business – Part 2

A small business hiring a public relations firm stands to become a large business.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you choose the right PR specialists, the gain in brand recognition can translate into real, significant growth for your company.

And here is where we come to the crux of the matter - choosing the right Toronto PR firm.

How do you make that choice? Most businesses find this out the hard way, by switching between a few PR firms and gaining the experience necessary to differentiate between them. But that’s costly experience - both in terms of time and money.

We are here to save you this long journey and give you the best practice principles of choosing a Toronto public relations company.

Define Your Needs

Your needs depend on your goals. Choose where you wish to get and you’ll know what you require in order to get there. More specifically, what’s your target demographic and how do you need to reach them. Some audiences read newspapers or watch TV, others do neither of those things, but are active on social media. Social media is also divided by generations and interests. There are PR agencies in Toronto that specialize in one of those fields of action, and you might want to choose one depending on that.

Ask Around

PR companies also have reputations. Ask online about the PR firm you are considering, or just inquire with other small businesses in your field about their experience with theirs. In other words, ask people to recommend a PR company to you. Word of mouth is still the best PR out there.

Look Online

If you are here and reading this, we naturally assume this is exactly what you’re doing, but here are a few more ways you can get additional information. Once you have a list of companies to consider, type their name and “reviews” to see how they are doing from their clients’ perspective. Also, go on their own website and look at their list of clientele. Are those companies in your own field? Can you contact them directly and ask about their experience with the PR firm? Get all the information you can before you decide.

Contact and Interview

Once you have a list of 3 or 4 PR agencies, call them and get a first direct impression. Once you had a few of those phone interviews, the list will likely shrink to about 2 candidates. That done, it’s time to meet and talk shop. Ask who’s going to deal with your file, what kinds of deals and services are available, and how they measure progress. Ask about fees and packages, and ask them to show what they did for other clients in your industry - how they promoted their growth is a good indicator of what they can do for you.

And as you ask, listen. Take notes, compare, and then take your time to decide.

We hope this brief guide will help you choose the right one. Good luck!

Lisa RaffaeleComment